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Doorstep Farms owners, Eve and Peter
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Eve Dale – Owner

Eve Dale grew up in St Paul moving to California in her early 20’s and recently returning to Minnesota – the soil of her youth. She recalls, “Growing up we moved many times, mom always making sure we had room in the yard for a garden. I remember as a little girl when it came time to plant, my job was to go fishing with my brother, bring home a mess of sunfish, and drop one fish into a hole we dug in the garden row where mom would then plop in a tomato plant. I appreciate now, that was organic farming at its best.”  

As a young adult Eve spent a few years in upstate New York working with a large community farm raising animals, growing organic produce and sharing the harvest with an extensive group of friends usually around a very large family table.

Having spent many years in the corporate setting in San Diego, Eve understands the value of a CSA that delivers wholesome products right to the office! She always says, “One of the greatest things you can do for me when I’m working full-time is to bring me services that allow me to spend less time running around shopping and more time with my family.”  

Eve is delighted to be able to share her experience and – love of eating – with new friends she will meet through Doorstep Farms CSA.

Peter Kordell – Owner

Peter Kordell is a 42-year veteran of the agricultural commodity business. For the past six years, he has been involved in indoor hydroponic farming with Garden Fresh Farms. He partnered with Dave Roeser, the founder of Garden Fresh Farms, to form GFF Management to operate its farms and its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program which was managed by DJ Roeser.

Peter comes from a long line of small Minnesota family farms that sold fresh produce, eggs, and chickens to the St. Paul marketplace. He has very fond memories growing up with Gramma Kordell living in the house and taking the time to teach him to cook and bake using her homemade scratch recipes – which she handed down to Peter at her death. He remembers the smells of homemade bread (every third day), plum jam from the fruit of the tree in the backyard, and the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen for those weekly sumptuous home-cooked Sunday dinners that were served with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

He is looking forward to passing on grandma’s secret homemade recipes to subscribers of Doorstep Farms CSA, and to help develop a social community of people who love the adventure of learning how to cook delicious, healthy, mouthwatering meals.

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